Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Memorial Quilts made from Clothing

Memorial quilts are made using about 8 items of clothing from a loved one. These could be shirts, pants, neckties, blouses, dresses, pajamas. Just about anything except stretchy knits (like tee shirts). Names or initials and dates will be hand-embroidered. I'll do my best to make these quilts very special.

This transaction is easy and stress-free on Etsy. The listing price is $50 which is a refundable deposit. I will communicate with the buyer and we will agree on a quilt and price. A quilt measuring about 50" x 50" or 40" x 60" will cost about $400. The buyer will mail me the clothes and I'll get to work on the quilt. When it's finished, I'll notify the buyer and list the quilt in my Etsy store with the buyer's first name on it for the agreed price (less the $50 deposit). Of course, if we don't come up with an agreeable quilt plan, I'll refund the deposit right away.

1. Memorial quilts will include additional compatible fabrics, unless you prefer not.
2. All quilts will have a hanging sleeve on the back for optional hanging, unless you prefer not.
3. If you'd like some of the buttons to be included in your quilt, just let me know.
4. A pillow can be made at the same time for a small additional charge.

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