Thursday, June 16, 2011

Summer Paths Quilt

  Yes, there were enough rectangles left over from the Tracks quilt to make another. And here it is, the Summer Paths quilt. Instead of focusing on darks and lights, this quilt is made from lights and mediums, all colorful summery prints. Only the narrow floral sashing has a black background. I like how it adds some sparkle to the quilt. Those stripes were cut 1" wide, and are 1/2" wide in the finished quilt top

I just couldn't resist showing some more close up photos of the novelty prints. I like those jelly beans above, and the goldfish below (although he looks a little tired).

 I like the overall effect with the bits of black in this quilt. I've always loved black paired with bright colors. I think that comes from spending time with my Lithuanian grandmother when I was little. She had some dresses or scarves with that combination, and she had a beautiful flower garden too.

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